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Buying US Mint Coins

International Precious Metals carries a wide variety of valuable US mint coins for sale. With a huge selection of nearly 50 different Silver Dollar coins of different grades and years, International Precious Metals offers a great opportunity to invest in US Mint Coins. The US Mint has minted over 20 various coin types over the years. At nearly 220 years of coin production, the US Mint has produced seven different coin compositions. This includes three different base coin alloys, two different silver coin alloys, one particular gold alloy, as well as a unique platinum alloy (though this is produced less). All base metal coins came from copper and nickel. Nowadays, copper and nickel combinations are used for all modern silver coins produced by the US Mint. Here at IPM, we have close to 20 years of numismatic experience, as well as recognition from US Mint literature as a nationally recognized coin dealer - when buying US Mint coins, you can trust us. Visit the rest of our site to buy gold bullion coins and bars for competitive prices, and if you'd like to spend less, you can buy silver bullion bars and coins as well. Call us for prices on US Mint gold and silver individual coins at 800.781.2090, we would love to hear from you!